Corporate Wellness Camps in Gurgaon

Outdoor Boot Camps

Outdoor Boot camps are the amazing ways to be fit and burn calories both mentally and physically. Choosing outdoor boot camps over common exercises helps you achieve greater heights in wellness and fitness activities. Outdoor boot camps activities are very much helpful if you are looking for fitness or aerobic fitness; take your exercises strength to next levels. It depends on person to person for which fitness activity will be best for his or her wellness. The best advantages of Outdoor boot camps are that you can achieve a perfect workout or exercises with very minimal equipments at all. One of the good benefit of the outdoor boot camps is the clear contribution to change in your mood.

Group Activities

WOW Sports Gurgaon provides various types of customized Group Activities based on your requirements. Every individual can achieve various fitness and wellness benefits likewise:

» Entertain while you workout
» Get fitness and share a laugh at the same time
» Learn more about people fitness and wellness activities
» Refresh yourself within few minutes of Group Activities

Diet And Nutrition

WOW Sports Gurgaon offers Diet And Nutrition Tips, Nosh on complex carbs:- Carbs are the body's primary source of fuel that the body burns while running. But too many carbs a day can set up home in your fat cells. Pick only slow carbs. Good food sources: Whole-grains like sorghum, pearl millet, ragi, buckwheat, oatmeal; lentils, legumes, sweet potato, beans, peas, and most fruits. Fill your belly on different coloured fruits and vegetables:- They supply the body with vitamins, minerals and the carbs needed to fuel your running.Eat these without peeling for maximum benefit. Incorporate all the essential colours like red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, green and white to pack the nutritional punch to your diet. Pack the protein punch:- Since protein is needed for the repair of wear and tear of tissues muscles and ligaments, runners need more protein to prevent them from burn-outs and injuries. Protein should form about 15% of your daily diet. Good food sources: Poultry, fish, sea food, eggs, low fat dairy, soy products, dried beans & lentils, nuts and seeds etc.