Running TIps


Do invest in good running attire. Once you have some sitting in your wardrobe it will ensure your regularity, especially when you think of the small fortune that you have spent on it.


This is a big worry for most of us. How I wish our shoes could make us better runners! But yes, runners research shoes on the internet, talk to other runners and many…


Socks, like shoes have a life too. So do use new socks every season, and maybe keep the old ones for casual use (even if your old socks look brand new!)…


A lot of long distance runners prefer to run without music, including me. When I began, however, my permanent partner was my iPod shuffle.

Tips for New runners

In India, as we usually run in tropical weather, we require Dri-fit tops and bottoms. Most brands are comparable. Only when you try a few, will you know, what suits you the best. For tops, half sleeves or sleeveless vests work. A tank top allows free range of movement and reduces chafing in the underarm area. Short sleeves work well for running shorter distances and walking, or in cooler climate. For bottoms most runners prefer shorts or tights which are specifically designed for running. They come with pocket for keys and gels, as well as built-in underwear. They are well aerated and comfortable. Cotton t-shirts for and long runs are a no-no. They cause severe chafing and result in bleeding.

regular training

This is the most important part of learning anything new. We all know that practice makes perfect. Similarly, consistency makes you a better runner. Running takes time. It takes months of training to prepare for races and to build endurance. Begin slow and easy. Small steps at a time.

Regular Training Cont’d

Depending on your fitness level you can begin with 2-3 days of running for 30-40 minutes each. And then slowly up the time and distance that you run for. Dedication is the key. NO SHORTCUTS! If you are unable to run on the running day, do run a day before or after, or even a bit in the evening. Try not to skip a workout. But never run when you are too tired. Also, the days you are stressed and don’t feel like running, are the days you need it the most. So lace up and head out. You will come back happy.


The speed at which you run is very important. As distance runners, we run at an “easy” pace. This means that during long runs you should be able to make conversation fairly comfortably without feeling breathless. Once you find your pace, you will be able to sustain it over any distance. Speed work of course, is much faster.

Strength Training:

If you can include some amount of strength and core workouts post your run, it will benefit your running tremendously. Plank, back strengthening, squats, lunges, crunches, hip and thigh exercises work well. This is not essential. Please do not let it overwhelm you. Do it only to take your running to the next level.

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