Author: Jitender Singh

Club Management

The world of club management is a career choice that combines the talents of the creative, enthusiastic and business-minded individual. Club management involves some of the planning involved in clubs, information on committees and their meetings and also information for incorporated clubs and their requirements in addition to information on constitutions and starting a club. Club management covers a number of important areas. These include: Making sure you have a Club Development Plan in place Considering if your Club Structure is appropriate for your club’s needs now and in the future Thinking about whether forming Partnerships could help your club operate more successfully Checking you have the right Governance processes in place to help you to manage the club effectively Ensuring you have access to the Facilities you need to run your club Contact our Events Management experts for Club Management related inquiry: Email us: Call Now: +91...

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Tips for New Runners by Parul Sheth

Running TIps  Clothes Do invest in good running attire. Once you have some sitting in your wardrobe it will ensure your regularity, especially when you think of the small fortune that you have spent on it.  Shoes This is a big worry for most of us. How I wish our shoes could make us better runners! But yes, runners research shoes on the internet, talk to other runners and many…  Socks Socks, like shoes have a life too. So do use new socks every season, and maybe keep the old ones for casual use (even if your old socks look brand new!)…  Music A lot of long distance runners prefer to run without music, including me. When I began, however, my permanent partner was my iPod shuffle. Tips for New runners In India, as we usually run in tropical weather, we require Dri-fit tops and bottoms. Most brands are comparable. Only when you try a few, will you know, what suits you the best. For tops, half sleeves or sleeveless vests work. A tank top allows free range of movement and reduces chafing in the underarm area. Short sleeves work well for running shorter distances and walking, or in cooler climate. For bottoms most runners prefer shorts or tights which are specifically designed for running. They come with pocket for keys and gels, as well...

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Selection of Gym Equipments

How to Select best Gym Equipment’s under your budget Wow Sports guide user to select the latest Gym Equipment’s based on your requirements under you budget. Wow Sports provide guidance so that you can utilize your Gym Equipment’s space and area for better outcome with the same resources. Either a corporate based setup or commercial setup or home based used Wow Sports provides guidance to each and every user in a professional way and ensure that delivery of quality Gym Equipment’s, Fitness Equipment’s will be provided. Wow Sports have over 5+ years of expertise in serving Gym and Fitness Industry....

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